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1 Estates and Asset Protection

Estate planning helps people decide how their estate will be handled upon their death or prior to their death. Estate administration is the probate or administration and execution of the estate documents.

1.1 Asset Protection

1.2 Estate Administration (Probate)

We help people with estate planning and estate administration (also know as Probate). We prepare wills, estate plans, trusts, life insurance plans, retirement plans, and consult with clients on asset-protection strategies. We help the executor, executrix, or personal representative administer and close the decedent's estate. We can assist people in avoiding much of the probate process, prepare healthcare powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney, living wills, etc.

Most estates will need to be administered, though many will qualify for simplified estate administration procedures.

1.3 Estate Planning


  • Elder Law (SC Bar Publication) (pdf)
  • Trust Kits (SC Bar Publication) (pdf)
  • Wills (SC Bar Publication) (pdf)

Estate planning helps people decide how their estate will be handled upon their death. Everyone should have a Will. Even if you do not need to save on your taxes, you will need to determine how your affairs are handled upon your death. People should then consider Living Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, and other instruments to ensure the smooth transition of their financial affairs upon their incapacity or death. Unfortunately many people wait until it is too late to do their estate planning.