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1 About our Apple to Linux Journey

Kurt Gibson is the founder of the Gibson Law Firm. Kurt realized the superiority of the Mac system versus the Windows platform from the beginning, but saw that the Windows platform was dominating due various factors not related to Windows being a better system. Human nature was exploited easily by Microsoft. Undetered, Kurt selected the Mac platform and moved to adapt his practice to use the Mac plaform to the maximum extent possible and not rely upon the Microsoft monopoly.

For clients, you do not want your data, supposedly owned by you and controlled by your attorney, to be ultimately owned by some other private company, in many cases Microsoft. Kurt was a big advocate for the Mac platform to provide an alternative to people from the Microsoft Windows platform that was at the time less secure and inferior to the Apple Mac platform.

Apple Mac adopted the FreeBSD Unix background beginning with Mac Os X, with the return of Steve Jobs. As the Apple Mac Platform began to restore its marketshare, Kurt realized that the Apple market model had the same proprietary, lock-in model used by Microsoft. Why run away from the Microsoft Alligator to be eaten by the Mac Tiger?

Forturnately, Mac OS X gave us several opportunities to experiment with Gnu/Linux. After several years of experience with open source software, Kurt moved the entire firm to Unix and off proprietary Mac and Windows software. We now use Unix exclusively and emulate Windows xon Ubuntu when necessary. We use Gentoo and Ubuntu, KDE, Kubuntu, and other flavors of Linux.

Fighting the Apple and Microsoft proprietary behemoths is not easy but the security is worth it. Both Microsoft and Apple use proprietary standards. Apple has tradionally been more secure than Microsoft but both suffer from the same deficiency; no one knows or can review the software BECAUSE IT IS PROPRIETARY. If someone discovers a zero-day vulnerability for Microsoft/Apple, no one will know about it until the hacker or Apple publishes it. Linux software is open source; anyone can fix it and improve it. We prefer the transparency. For one example, there was an ssh deficiency discovered. It was reported that day and before the end of the day, the open-source community, both for Gentoo and Ubuntu, had propogated a fix throughout the linux community. We employed it immediately.

2 Miscellaneous

  • Accounting
    • GnuCash
  • Broswer
    • Chromium
    • Firefox
  • Email
    • Thunderbird
  • FTP
    • FileZilla
  • Graphics
    • Gimp
  • Office Package
    • Libreoffice

3 Database

  • Flask python database online

4 Emacs – everything

5 LaTeX

  • Presentations
  • Document presentations

6 Operating System

  • Gentoo - python package manager, compile on spot, custom, complicated, bare bones, good for learning linux, interesting, rock-solid
  • Linux Mint - Debian based, nice interface
  • Ubuntu - Debian based

6.1 Running Windows Software

  • VirtualPC – Free Windows 10

7 Scanner

  • Kurt Gibson developed software contributed to the open-source community to scan documents from sane scanners.

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