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1 Personal Injury

1.1 Personal-injury-Auto Accidents

1.2 Personal Injury

For people who have been injured or who are disabled, we represent them before the Social Security Administration, in Workers Compensation claims, insurance claims, personal injury litigation, and help them financial planning after their judgments and/or settlements.

1.2.1 Should I accept the deal offered by the insurance company?

Many people find that insurance companies are very willing to settle with them quickly after the accident. The more anxious the insurance company is to settle the case, the more careful you should be. Insurance companies have people sign agreements, often called clincher agreements, which will protect their insured from any further liability to you, regardless of your future inconvenience or medical expenses that you have. Doctors often find that people who have suffered injuries have complications months or even years later. If you settle with the insurance company, you will pay for this out of your pocket. Do not be in a rush to settle with the insurance company. Check as quickly as possible with an attorney regarding the statute of limitations and your rights.

1.2.2 Should you sue or make a claim for your injury?

This depends on the amount of the injury. You should meet with an attorney to determine this. Often times when there is property damage only, the insurance companies deduct numerous items and, therefore, do not compensate you sufficiently. Even if you are not at fault in an accident, and the insurance company pays your claim, you may lose! It pays to have someone on your side who is experienced in these matters.

1.2.3 The accident was my fault. Do I need an attorney?

Yes. You should speak with an attorney as quickly as possible, and certainly before speaking with the insurance companies. Insurance companies are very nice to policy payers. But when policy holders make a claim the insurance companies are often working behind the scenes to prevent the payment of claims even though the people you speak with seem polite and helpful. They gather information from you in a very polite manner and then proceed to use that information against you. The insurance company does insurance for a living and can easily take advantage their policy holders who are not experienced in insurance. Have you read and understood the insurance policy in detail? Few people have. Many policies have provisions in them that are not enforceable because they conflict with state law. Do you know which ones?

1.2.4 The accident was not my fault. Do I need an attorney?

Yes. Statistics show that people who hire an attorney for their personal injury suits recover more for their injuries than those who do not, even after considering attorneys fees. In addition to this you have the peace of mind of knowing that someone experienced in these matters is working for you.

1.3 Workers Compensation


  • Workers Compensation (SC Bar Publication) (pdf)