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1 Taxes

We help people with a wide range of tax issues. The nature of taxes makes the list of our services in this area lengthy. If you have tax issues that you believe we may help you with, please call for a free initial consultation to discuss the issue and whether we can assist you.

You can avoid many tax problems by properly preparing and filing your taxes. Next, make sure that you pay the required taxes. Many of our business clients have had tax troubles because they have failed to pay their employment taxes. If you withhold taxes from your employees' pay checks, you had better pay it to the government. Not doing so could result in a tax liability that is difficult or impossible to retire.

Tax law is complicated. Many people can eliminate the problems with the federal, state, and local authorities, by having professional help in tax reporting and accounting. Remember that tax preparation programs will help you complete simple tax forms. But then again, so will tax preparers for about the same price. If your situation is complicated, consider the time that you will spend trying to figure out the applicable tax laws and the risk that you may misunderstand the law even after the time you have spent. The tax preparation software may lead you in the wrong direction if you do not know enough about the tax laws to use the program properly.

You should not rely on the IRS advice either. Studies have shown that the IRS help line (800-829-1040) gives inaccurate advice at least 25% of the time. That may be frustrating, but the worst of it is that you will still have to pay the resulting penalties and interest you incur by following the IRS's own inaccurate advice.

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